The Methods of Transporting Valuable Cargo Overseas

The Methods of Transporting Valuable Cargo Overseas

Many clients interested in international shipping services are often wary about transporting valuable and fragile items overseas due to fears of damage or loss during the shipping process. However, there are many safe and affordable options for clients transporting all types of cargo and personal effects overseas, including furniture, various electronics, and more.

Experienced international shipping companies will explain all of the options to their clients prior to scheduling a shipment to the destination port. Depending on the size, quantity, and budget of the client, they can select the shipping method they are most comfortable with, after considering the recommendations of their freight forwarding company. A few popular methods include Less-than-Container-Load (LCL) shipping, Full-Container-Load (FCL) shipping, and airfreight transport.

LCL shipping is used when the client’s cargo doesn’t require the space of a whole container, so the client has the option of sharing the space and the cost of a single container with another freight forwarding client. Unlike LCL, FCL shipping allows the client to utilize the full available space of a single container, either because the size, weight, and quantity of the cargo requires the space or because the client feels more comfortable having their own container. Shipping via airfreight is often more expensive than container shipping, but is a safe and fast method for transporting smaller cargo.

No matter the chosen method, clients of trustworthy freight forwarding companies can expect to have their cargo shipped safely, efficiently, and for an affordable price, either via overseas container shipping or airfreight transport.

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