Luxury Showdown – Which Car is Better – The Bentley Continental or the Rolls Royce Ghost?

Luxury Showdown – Which Car is Better – The Bentley Continental or the Rolls Royce Ghost?

If you are able to spend over $300,000 a year on a car, one would think you shouldn’t have a reason to complain about the price.  However, with declining sales in the early 2000’s, Bentley realized there was a niche market of consumers who weren’t necessarily willing to spend $300,000 on a Bentley but they would be willing to spend $150,000-$200,000 instead.  Thus in 2003 the Bentley Continental Flying Spur was unveiled and Bentley took their new “niche”  all the way to the bank.  

However when you talk about one megastar car you can’t forget about its biggest competitor.  After realizing its former mate Continental was making a killing on their new niche market, Rolls Royce decided to give Bentley a little competition and in 2010 unveiled their Rolls Royce Ghost as a competitor to the Continental.  Now that both cars are in the market we have to ask, which car is better the Bentley Continental or the Rolls Royce Ghost?

It’s a Bentley Continental vs Rolls Royce Ghost showdown…but which car is better?

Several of our international customers ship Bentley’s and Rolls Royce overseas from the United States when they are relocating for their job or moving to a new country. We ship enough Bentley’s and Rolls Royce every year that our curiosity over which car is better will finally be put to rest.

The Bentley Continental vs the Rolls Royce Ghost battle will be broken up into 3 simple categories: Interior, Exterior and Handling and Speed.  

Round #1: Interior
First up is the Interior of the vehicles. The Bentley Continental is meant to have the sports-like feel to its interior.  However users have complained of the cramped and tight space inside the car.

The interior of the Bentley Continental is sleek and sporty, but doesn’t offer as much space and comfort as the Rolls Royce Ghost

 The Rolls Royce Ghost also incorporated a sports-like feel to its interior.  However, the company still maintains its classic and elegant feel allowing ample leg room and not sacrificing style and comfort.

The  interior of the Rolls Royce Ghost is still a fine example of the amenities and comfort associated with the Rolls Royce brand

If we had to choose between the two interiors, we would have to give it to the Rolls Royce.  There is a sporty feel to the interior but it does not sacrifice on comfort, space and style.

Round #2: Exterior
The sleek exterior of the Bentley Continental fits the interior offering a sporty look while the Rolls Royce Ghost sticks with the classic boxy exterior look that is a signature of all Rolls Royce.  However, if the Rolls is really trying to compete in the same younger market as the Continental it does not live up to the “young” feel the same way the Continental does.  Therefore, this round we have to give it to the Bentley.  If you’re keeping track the score is Bentley – 1, Rolls Royce – 1

Round #3: Handling and Speed
Now we have reached the final stage of the Bentley Continental GT vs the Rolls Royce Ghost showdown.  Most people can agree the inside and outside of both vehicles is top notch, but what really distinguishes one from the other is the handling and speed.  The Bentley Continental GT can go from 0-60 miles per hour in 4.3 seconds.  The Rolls Royce Ghost can go from 0-60 miles per hour in 4.7 seconds.  The Continental’s top speed is 202 mph, a first for Bentley, while the Ghost can reach a top speed of 155 mph.  When it comes to speed, the Bentley definitely takes the cake.  The Ghost has a 8-speed transmission while the Continental has a 6-speed transmission.  A standard Continental comes with paddle shifters which is not available on the Ghost.  The Ghost is known to have a smooth ride suitable for long pleasant rides while the Continental is the wild child with faster speeds and built to drive more like a sports car.  So what is our verdict?  It depends!  If you’re looking for a smooth ride and luxury the Rolls Royce Ghost is your better bet.  If you’re looking for a fast ride to impress your crush, the Bentley Continental is your car.  

Which car do you think is better – the Rolls Royce Ghost or the Bentley Continental?  Give us some feedback and let us know!

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