The below links provide further information on various international shipping services. For more information on overseas car shipping, heavy equipment shipping, construction equipment shipping, trailer shipping, and international boat shipping visit our various information pages.

International Shipping Services Information

  1. World Atlas
  2. Container: What is it?
  3. Worldwide Ports
  4. INCOTERMS 2010 (allocation of costs + risks between buyer & seller)
  5. Help for Exporters (Logistics & Insurance)
  6. Basic Import/Export Information (Documentation and Customs)
  7. Glossary of Shipping Terms
  8. INCOTERMS 2020

Government Links

  1. Federal Register
  2. Schedule B (Classification of Exports)
  3. U.S. Customs (Harmonized Tariff Code)
  4. U.S. Department of Commerce
  5. USMCA

Rules, Regulations, and Export-Related Websites

  1. International Chamber of Commerce
  2. Export – Import Bank
  3. International Trade Law
  4. Carriage of Goods by Sea (Hamburg Rules)
  5. Understanding Letters of Credit
  6. Glossary of Insurance Terms
  7. United States Export Licensing
  8. Pre-Shipment Inspections: Exporter Rights & Responsibilities

Interesting Sites

  1. Currency Converter
  2. New York City Online
  3. The Journal of Commerce