International Car Shipping and Other Shipping Services to Morocco

International Car Shipping and Other Shipping Services to Morocco

In 1943 the film Casablanca swept away the competition at the Academy Awards and won Best Picture.  Almost 70 years later, Casablanca the city is still well known, but not as the setting for one of the most well-known films of all time, but also as the largest city and port for the country of Morocco.  For the past few years international car shipping services and heavy construction equipment shipping services to Casablanca has been in high-demand.  And last year alone the United States shipped over $10 million worth of passenger vehicles and $38 million worth of trucks and excavating construction equipment and machinery to the port of Casablanca, Morocco.

“Here’s Looking at You Kid…” 
Casablanca isn’t just one of Hollywood’s most well-known films. 
 It is also home to the largest shipping port in Morocco.

International car shipping and heavy equipment shipping service to Casablanca, Morocco is available from several USA ports.  If you need to ship a car or other cargo by container to Morocco, service is available from all east coast and gulf coast ports in the United States.  International container shipping ports in the USA to Casablanca, Morocco include service from the ports of New York, Norfolk, Boston, Baltimore, Miami, and Houston.  When looking for international automobile transport services to Morocco, roll-on / roll-off shipping services is widely available and the cheapest way to send your car to Casablanca, Morocco.  We can provide the best and cheapest international car shipping quotes to Morocco from ports in New York, Baltimore and Norfolk to Casablanca.  We are also able to provide car pick-up and inland transportation service for those clients who are not able to deliver their car to the port for export to Morocco.  Overseas car shipping service to Casablanca, Morocco is available on a monthly basis and takes approximately 30 days for your car to reach Morocco.  International automobile shipping to Morocco is available for all types of cars including sedans, SUV’s and trucks.

Looking to ship construction equipment to Morocco from the United States? Utilizing the same ro/ro service we have for international car shipments to Morocco, we can also ship self-propelled and towable construction equipment to Morocco.  When looking to ship heavy freight to Morocco, we are one of the leading international shipping companies!  We can ship Komatsu’s, Caterpillars, John Deere equipment, Mack trucks, Freightliner trucks, Peterbilt trucks, Sterling trucks, International trucks and more from the United States to Casablanca.

  Don’t Cry, Cheer Up!
Leave the crying for when you watch the movie Casablanca.  
But when it comes to shipping to Morocco,
affordable and cheap overseas car shipping and international 
construction equipment shipping costs to Casablanca, Morocco 
from the United States is available!

Don’t get swept away with ridiculous international car and construction equipment shipping costs to Casablanca!  As one of the best international car shipping companies offering ro/ro and container shipping services to Casablanca, we can provide you with amazing international shipping rates!  To receive overseas car shipping rates and international construction equipment shipping rates to Morocco contact us at: or visit our rate request pages.  If you have any questions about international shipping to Morocco give us a call at 212-267-6400 or by Skype: kinternationalny.  We are more than willing to help answer your questions and concerns about international car shipping and overseas construction equipment and truck shipping services to Casablanca, Morocco.  We are the international car shipping and overseas construction equipment shipping experts to Morocco! Our team of international shipping experts will provide you with as much information as possible when it comes to shipping to Morocco. Trust one of the best international shipping companies with overseas shipping service to Casablanca.

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