Interested in Shipping Donation Goods? Need Help Shipping Donated Clothing, Food and Medical Supplies for Charity?

Interested in Shipping Donation Goods? Need Help Shipping Donated Clothing, Food and Medical Supplies for Charity?

At K International we enjoy all of our customers and take pleasure in offering some of the best international shipping services in the United States.  But one type of shipment we take great pride in being a part of is shipping donated goods to charities abroad.  Whether it is the earthquake in Haiti, tsunami in Japan, or orphanages in Ghana and Gambia, when it comes to helping those in need and shipping donated clothing, food and basic medical supplies to developing countries and countries struck by natural disasters, we are always willing to lend a helping hand. 

In the past we have shipped donated goods and clothing to charities in Ghana, Guatemala and Kenya. We offer international shipping services for charity including: delivering the container to the charity’s loading facility and shipping donated goods in a container abroad. Are you also interested in shipping several barrels of donated items?  Consider using our international charity shipping services and consolidate all your barrels into one shipping container.  Below we share our international charity shipping stories where we assisted in coordinating shipments of donated goods:

  • We assisted in shipping a 40’HC Container to a children’s orphanage located in Accra, Ghana.  The shipment consisted of donated furniture to be used by the Osu Children’s Home.
  • We provided assistance in shipping donated clothing and other goods to Kenya for a charity providing assistance to the less fortunate in Kenya
  • We shipped a container full of donated clothing and supplies for a children’s home in Guatemala 

Help those in need. 
Need a reliable shipping company to help you ship donated
clothing, goods, furniture and medical suppliers abroad? 
Read on to see how K International can help ship your donated goods.

Whether you are looking to ship donated food, clothing or medical supplies we will offer the best and most affordable shipping rates for donated goods to Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and more.  When looking for a honest and affordable international shipping company to help you ship your donated goods, look no further than K International Transport.  To receive rates for shipping donated goods abroad send us an email at: and be sure to mention you are shipping for charity.  You can also give us a call at 212-267-6400 or on Skype at: kinternationalny if you have any questions about shipping and donating supplies to an orphanage, hospital, disaster area, developing country or charity abroad.  When it comes to donating goods and supplies overseas, we take the job seriously and with pride.  We will provide fair shipping quotes for shipping donated and charity goods overseas.

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