Even International Shipping Companies Know…Everything is Bigger in Texas! : International Shipping Services from Texas

Even International Shipping Companies Know…Everything is Bigger in Texas! : International Shipping Services from Texas

Although we are based in New York city the global hub of international commerce, did you know we can ship out of any major port and state in the continental US?  In order to better understand the international shipping services we offer from all over the USA, we decided to focus on one state, one very big state; the state of Texas!  Home to one of the busiest ports in the USA, the port of Houston / Galveston , international shipping services from Texas are widely available and affordable.

Remember the Alamo! After the Texas Revolution, Texas officially became a state in 1836.
Today, international shipping from Texas to ports around the world is very important to the USA economy.
Before we start with the international shipping services available from Texas, let’s play a little game of trivia:
Question #1: What was the top exporting state in 2011?
Answer: If you guessed Texas, you are correct!  In 2011 Texas was ranked the top exporting state in the USA for the 10th year in a row!  In 2011 Texas exported over $200 billion worth of goods.

Question #2: Which countries were the leading importers of Texas goods?
Answer:  If you guessed Mexico, that was pretty simple.  International shipping including flatbed trucking and dry van trucking from the United States, especially Texas, through the border into Mexico is widely available and normally more affordable and easier than container shipping.  The next leading importing countries of Texas exports are Canada, Brazil, China and the Netherlands.

Question #3: Name the top three products shipped from Texas internationally.
Answer: In 2011 the leading exports from Texas were petroleum and coal products, chemicals, computers, machinery and transportation equipment.

Now that you understand a little more about Texas exports, here is some more information on the international shipping services from Texas.  As a leading exporter of machinery, transportation equipment and construction equipment it should come as no surprise that international construction equipment shipping from Texas, specifically the port of Houston / Galveston, is widely available.  We offer some of the best international shipping rates from ports in Texas to Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, South America and more!  We can provide inland trucking services from all points in Texas to port for international shipping.  Our carriers are well equipped with step-deck, flatbed and other transport equipment needed to move your machinery from anywhere in Texas to port in Houston / Galveston.

International car shipping service from Texas is also available.  If you found the perfect car in Texas and need the best international shipping company to handle your shipment, look no further than K International Transport!  Because there is so much affordable overseas car shipping service, we can offer some of the best international car shipping rates from Texas.

Shipping other cargo from Texas overseas?  We also provide international container shipping services from Texas.  We can provide a 20′ or 40′ container at your door for loading anywhere in Texas.  We have loaded international shipping containers in Houston, Dallas / Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio.  Need to consolidate cargo from several vendors in Texas and other locations in the south?  We have some of the best warehouses available in the Houston area and we can load full containers worth of cargo.   Need to ship very large units, machinery and other heavy equipment from Texas?  Need a company to pick-up, skid, deliver cargo to port and ship your cargo internationally from Texas?  We are the experts in international heavy equipment and cargo project shipping from Texas.

Whether you are looking to ship cowboy boots or construction equipment and machinery from Texas to various international countries, we can help!

Not just steak is bigger and better in Texas, so are international shipping services!  When looking for a reliable, experienced, affordable and the best overseas shipping company shipping from Texas, turn to K International Transport! Whether you want to ship a rodeo, cowgirl hats or trucking equipment and machinery from Texas to overseas countries, we can help!  Ship from Texas to ports in China, Brazil the Netherlands and more!  For more information on international shipping services from Texas or anywhere in the USA call us at 212-267-6400 or send us an email at: inquiries@kinternational.com.  For international shipping costs from Texas visit our international shipping rate request pages. You can also reach us on Skype: kinternationalny

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