Et voilà: International car shipping to France

It is out of the question that every non-French person should visit France at some point in their life. Far less certain is whether even a whole lifetime would be enough to discover and fully savor the innumerable wonders this country has to offer. Land of kings and revolutions, of fallen aristocrats and daring bourgeoisie, […]

International Motorhome and RV’s Shipping to Europe

There has always been something peculiar about the last days of winter. Though they are unquestionably brighter and not quite as austere as their apparently endless predecessors, they seem to be equally distant from the mellower hours promised by spring. Every little bud on the tree branches is still tightly closed, as if it were […]

Shipping School Busses to West Africa

While many have one image of international shipping services, cars, boats, or personal vehicles, there are many different types of cargo that can be shipped. The United States is one of the most important suppliers of used vans and buses, including school buses. An experienced and reliable international shipping company like K International Transport can […]

International heavy equipment shipping and dismantling services

Those who deal with heavy machinery on a daily basis know very well that moving this type of units can be extremely challenging, particularly when their overall dimensions and/or peculiarities demand that they be dismantled and put into containers, open tops or on flat racks. International container shipping is a service most freight forwarding companies […]

24 Things to Know About International Shipping Services in 2024

Happy New Year! Whether you are shipping personal cargo for an extended vacation, vintage cars for a show, or boats to store away, here is everything you need to know about international shipping services in the new year. Look for an international shipping company that is reliable, professional, and fair-priced. We ship anywhere nationwide including […]

Air Freight vs. Ocean Freight Shipping: Which One is Right For You?

All clients looking to utilize international shipping services want to choose the quickest, most affordable, and most efficient option when transporting cargo to overseas ports. A reliable freight forwarding company like K International Transport can inform clients about the pros and cons of all methods of transport and help clients determine the best method to achieve their personal and […]

International Shipping During the Holiday Season!

Taking a vacation during the holiday season but afraid your cargo won’t reach the destination? Worried you will forget a document between buying gifts for the family? Have no fear, K International Transport is here to help! With a reliable international shipping company like ours, which has been in the business for decades, shipping cargo […]

Relocating to Panama – Discover our international shipping services!

The belly button of the American continent, Panama humbly stretches its borders to only encompass enough land to boast one of the most advantageous geographic positions among the countries of the world. Although the diplomatic relationships between the United States and Panama suffered numerous setbacks throughout the 120 years of life of the Central American […]

International Construction Equipment Shipping to Lagos, Nigeria

International construction equipment shipping to Nigeria may seem like a big hassle, but they are one of the leaders in handling construction cargo and are very connected with Europe, the Mediterranean, and North and South America. K International Transport, with a plethora of international shipping services, is here to help make the shipping process hassle-free […]