International Construction Equipment Shipping to Port Tema, Ghana for all Types of High Heavy Equipment!

Transporting construction equipment shipping overseas to West Africa can be a stress-free process with a reliable international shipping company like K International Transport. K International can offer a variety of construction equipment shipping services to ship everything from Cranes Bulldozers Dump Trucks Water Trucks Tractor Trailers and more! We can ship all of your Caterpillar / Kobelco / Komatsu […]

Overseas Car Transport Services of all Automobiles / Vehicles / Cars to Port Casablanca, Morocco!

Transporting automobiles / cars / vehicles overseas is easy, efficient, and affordable when trusting an experienced international shipping company with the job. There are many reasons to ship to Morocco today, especially with K International Transport. Of these reasons, some are: Morocco’s location on Africa’s Atlantic coast, allowing for the efficient transport of cargo to Morocco as well as […]