International Shipping Services for Military Relocation to and from the United States

For members of the United States military, relocation is often a part of the job. One of the more difficult aspects of this relocation is transporting cargo and goods overseas. With an experienced international shipping company, this process can be hassle-free and affordable for all clients, especially clients within the U.S military! Military personnel often […]

Shipping via Air Freight vs. Ocean Freight

Although international freight forwarding is often performed via container overseas, there is a different option for transporting goods overseas with international shipping companies. Choosing the option of air freight over ocean freight when transporting cargo overseas has both benefits and pitfalls, but for some clients it is the right choice. The type of cargo the […]

Overseas Car Transport Services to Port Kaohsiung, Taiwan from any Port in the United States!

Transporting automobiles / cars / vehicles is easy with K International’s overseas car transport services! We can help our clients ship their cars overseas to Port Kaohsiung, Taiwan from the United States, whether they are interested in transporting a single automobile or several. We love to transport cars overseas via roll-on/roll-off or container shipping, depending on the […]

International Shipping Services from the United States to Djibouti!

Transporting cargo to Port Djibouti can be easier than it sounds with reliable international shipping services! With K International, a reliable international shipping company, transporting all types of cargo to Djibouti is safe and affordable. We love to transport all kinds of cargo in containers for our customers, including: Cars, including automobiles in bulk Construction equipment […]

International Automobile Shipping Services to Port Zeebrugge, Belgium for Vintage Cars!

Shipping a vintage car / automobile / vehicle  overseas can be stressful, especially since older automobiles can be more fragile and more valuable. However, with a reliable international shipping company like K International, shipping your vintage vehicle / car / automobile via containerized shipping is an easy and stress-free process. K International can offer many international automobile shipping services to Port Zeebrugge, […]

International Construction Equipment Shipping of Kobelco / Caterpillar / Komatsu Products to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea!

K International offers international shipping services to ports all over the world. One such port is Moresby in Papua New Guinea! With an international shipping company as trustworthy and experienced as K International, transporting all types of cargo, including construction equipment from Caterpillar / Komatsu / Kobelco, is hassle-free for clients in the United States. We can […]