International Shipping Services for those Studying Abroad or Moving Overseas

No matter whether a client is permanently moving overseas or temporarily living abroad for a program like Study Abroad, international shipping services can help them make the transition easier.             If studying abroad, the student from an American university temporarily moves overseas to a country of their choosing in Europe, South America, Africa, or Asia […]

How to Ship Automobiles in Bulk Overseas from the United States

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, many international shipping customers are opting to transport automobiles in bulk to virtually every country in the world. However, those new to international shipping servicesmay be wary about the cost, the process, and the benefits of transporting more than one vehicle overseas at a time.             Any experienced international […]

How to Ship Personal Effects and Commercial Goods Overseas to Port , China?

Port Shenzhen, China is a popular container port for all types of goods and materials from the United States. With a reliable international shipping company like K International, you can transport materials such as: Clothing Furniture Small household equipment  Other Commercial Goods! K International’s international shipping services can offer you LCL (Less-than-Container-Load) shipping or FCL (Full-Container-Load) shipping, depending on […]

International Shipping Services to Port Umm Qasr, Iraq from the United States!

Currently, many people are shipping their cars, construction equipment, and personal effects from the United States to Iraq. With K International, a trustworthy international shipping company, the process can be hassle-free and affordable!  For whatever reason you are shipping, K International can help with our international automobile shipping services!  K International Transport offers these international shipping services: We will […]

Shipping Construction Equipment from the United States to Port Valencia, Spain!

International construction equipment shipping doesn’t have to be a challenge! With K International, you can transport all types of equipment to Port Valencia, Spain efficiently, safely, and for an affordable price! With a reliable international shipping company, like K International, the process is effort-less for the customer, whether they are shipping: Cranes Bulldozers Dump Trucks and more! […]

International Automobile Shipping to Port Guayaquil, Ecuador: Cars, Trucks, and More!

Shipping automobiles overseas is a well-known process among those who are used to utilizing international shipping services. However, other companies can tell you that automobiles aren’t the be all, end all.  A reliable international shipping company like K International, can also ship vehicles such as fire engines to Port Guayaquil, Ecuador efficiently, and for an affordable price!  K […]

International Shipping of All Cargo to Port Willemstad, Curacao with K International’s Shipping Services!

A reliable international shipping company like K International can transport cargo to virtually every corner of the world, and the island of Curacao is no different!  K International can ship all cargo to Port Willemstad, Curacao, including: Automobiles This includes contemporary cars, vintage cars, and classic cars! International Automobile Shipping Services Construction Equipment Inlcuding Caterpillar, […]

How to Ship Personal Effects and Household Goods to Port Callao, Peru with International Shipping Services

More and more people are opting to utilize international shipping services to transport personal effects and household goods such, as clothing, small equipment, furniture, and automobiles, to South America. Peru is no different.  A trustworthy international shipping company like K International has experience with transporting all types of cargo overseas, including to Port Callao, Peru from the United States.  […]

Overseas Transport of Vintage Cars to Port Le Havre, France!

Transporting vintage cars can be a stressful process for those who have never shipped cargo overseas. However, K International’s overseas car transport services can move your vintage or classic car to Le Havre, France quickly, efficiently, and for an affordable price! K International, a trustworthy international shipping company has transported many models, including:  Vintage BMWs Jiří Sedláček A […]