One more Holiday, and a lot more International Shipping Services!

Just as we thought the holiday season, one more holiday (that’s not celebrated widely) came up. Today is Orthodox Christmas, which is typically celebrated by the Russian Orthodox Christians. However, reliable international shipping services are still on! No matter if you are shipping cranes and Caterpillars, or Mercedes and B&Ws, K international can help!  Valerii Tkachenko With […]

Top 3 Biggest Canals in the World and How you can Ship there!

Canals are a great attribute to a shipping company’s international shipping services. With the three longest canals in the world, international shipping can be easy and effective no matter whether you’re shipping automobiles, household goods, or construction equipment.  3. The Gota Canal, Sweden This Canal is 241 miles and opened in 1832. It is located in Söderköping, […]

All-American Food and All-American International Shipping!

What does everyone, regardless of cultural background, love to talk about? Food of course! Thrillist recently released the top 50 all-American foods. This list includes:  Peanut Butter and Jelly Kraft Mac and Cheese S’mores  Gas Station Beef Jerky and Thanksgiving Turkey!  We have all definitely had at least one of these American favorites. However, one […]