What are the most popular International Shipping Destinations?

International shipping has gained popularity in the last decade. But what are the most popular shipping destinations? Where do people ship the most?  The truth is, it doesn’t matter! With solid international Shipping services from a reliable company like K International, you can ship anywhere, whether it’s somewhere in Africa, Asia, Europe, or The Americas! […]

Which countries in the World Export the Most?

in 2014, the world economy is an important factor to consider when thinking about international shipping services. Here are the top 10 countries that export the most products: China United States Germany Japan France South Korea  Netherlands Russia  Italy United Kingdom   No matter where you are shipping, or what your cargo is, international shipping […]

Expensive Jewelry and International Shipping! ,

We all have a bit of an expensive taste at times, and these three pieces of jewelry are beyond almost anyone’s budget! With K International’s affordable international shipping services, maybe these pieces of art will be affordable one day too!  This onyx and diamond bracelet was supposedly purchased by Madonna for 12.4 million dollars! But no worries, […]

Cyber Monday and International Shipping Services!

Every American knows that the Thanksgiving holiday doesn’t end after Thanksgiving! After everyone finished eating their turkey and bonding with their families, they prepare to shop all day on Black Friday. However, for the people who don’t want to leave their houses, there’s Cyber Monday as well!  Cyber Monday started in the 2005 holiday season, when […]