International Shipping is not the only thing you can use a Shipping Container for!

Shipping containers are big and spacious, but are usually only used for international shipping services.  However, there are always creative people who come around and question the status quo. In this case, several people decided to use shipping containers for a different reason: as a place to live! You might think that living in a shipping […]

Перемещение Строительное оборудование в Южную Африка сегодня!

Вы:   Американский гражданин надеясь начать свой бизнес в Южной Африке?  Жизнь в Южной Африке и в надежде передать строительную технику и другие грузы из США?  Ищете надежного международного судоходной компании, чтобы помочь экспортных грузов из США в Южную Африку, или практически нигде в мире?  Если вы ответили «да» на любой из этих вопросов, то вы […]

Another Strange Holiday: Roots of International Shipping to the U.S?

One holiday all Americans know about is Christopher Columbus day. We all appreciate the Monday off from work, but do we really stop to think what this holiday is about? Recently there has been a push to rename Columbus day, “Indigenous People’s day” to commemorate all the Native American lives lost when Columbus colonized parts of […]

International Construction Equipment Shipping to Djibouti!

International shipping has never been easier, and reliable international shipping companies, like K International Transport, can make the process even less stressful!  People interested in overseas shipping might have a specific question to ask:  What are the most accessible ports in each continent?  Well, when shipping construction equipment to East Africa and Ethiopia, you can’t […]

Day of the Girl and International Shipping!

There are many holidays people don’t know much about. Some are strange, some obscure, and some just fairly new. One “new” holiday, is the International Day of the Girl. This day occurs annually on October 11th, in observance of the fight for gender equality all over the world, as well as recognition of girls everywhere. This […]