Biggest Overseas Blunder and International Shipping

It’s a known fact that K International Transport is a reliable and trustworthy international shipping company. But does that mean that all overseas transport in history was successful?  There is one example of a disastrous overseas voyage that everyone knows about! Hint: there is a movie and a Celine Dion song dedicated to it.  If you […]

Most Famous Bridges in the World: Ship Internationally Today!

Some cities in the world, big and small, have bridges that define them. For example, when people imagine San Francisco, they often see the Golden Gate Bridge. What about all the other memorable bridges? And what do they have to do with K International Transport’s international shipping services? As you look over this list of famous bridges, think […]

Internationally Shipping Vintage Cars (Part 2)

In one of last week’s blog posts, we mentioned K International Transport’s reliability in shipping vintage cars internationally. A TV show on Discovery Channel, called “Fast N’ Loud,” deals with vintage and antique cars, just like many trustworthy international shipping companies.  In this show, several vintage-car-enthusiasts from Dallas, Texas find broken down cars, and restore them for […]