Shipping a Porsche Cayenne to the Dominican Republic: The Facts

K International Transport can help you ship a car from the U.S. to the Dominican Republic and guide you to avoiding the difficulties of exports to the Dominican Republic. K International is an experienced international shipping company that will make shipping cars, containers, boats, or buses to international destinations a lot easier for you or […]

International Moving and Shipping Services for Americans Transferred to Europe

Among some of the best countries for American expats to live and work in are in Europe.  Infamous for crepes, the Autobahn, pasta and the Alps, Europe has plenty to offer American expatriates.  Even with the worldwide economic crisis, global companies are still sending American workers to Europe to work in their overseas offices.  While […]

How to Ship to Callao and Paita, Peru: International Shipping to Peru

Home to Machu Picchu and some of the best Incan ruins in the world, Peru is not only a country rich in history, but it also has plenty of opportunities for international trade.  Are you interested in shipping construction equipment, electrical machinery, trucks and other special equipment to Peru?  Need help finding an affordable and […]