International Car, Construction & Heavy Equipment Shipping Services to Sierra Leone

Are you looking to ship a Toyota 4 Runner or Ford Ranger to Freetown, Sierra Leone from the United States?  Need assistance shipping agricultural machinery and construction equipment from the US to Sierra Leone?  Every year the United States exports millions of dollars worth of cars and machinery to Sierra Leone.  Whether you are looking […]

What countries have Import Restrictions on Used Cars?

K International is an established international shipping company for automobiles, and is ready to help you or your customer ship cars to the Middle East. The shipment process begins with a rate quotation for international car shipping. The quotation usually covers every cost associated with shipping and export customs clearance from the United States up to […]

Helpful Guide: Shipping to Dakar, Senegal

K International Transport offers a wide variety of international shipping services to Senegal. If you need advice on shipping to Dakar, K International can help. Whether you are shipping cars, trucks, buses, or construction equipment, K International can give you the best international shipping prices and service from the United States to Senegal. The most affordable international […]

How much does it cost to ship a car to Europe?

If you are looking for an international transport company for cars, K International Transport can help you. If you would like to know more about shipping a car internationally, please contact us for an international car shipping quote. We have over twenty years of experience and have all the tools you will need to export from the […]

Ship to Luanda and Lobito Angola from the USA Today!

Are you looking for international shipping services to Angola?  Whether you are interested in shipping to Luanda or Lobito  , we can offer some of the best international shipping prices and service from the United States to Angola.  Every year the US ships millions of dollars worth of oil field drilling equipment, electrical machinery including […]

How do I ship a motor grader to Nigeria or other countries in West Africa?

K International transport can offer international shipping services for cars, boats, excavators, motorcycles, and construction equipment to West Africa. Recently we have had many customers who are looking into overseas shipping for motor graders. Often this involves buying Caterpillar motor graders at auction, on ebay or from a dealer, and then contacting an international shipping company for construction equipment that […]

Construction Equipment Shipping to Colombia

With several infrastructure and building projects underway in Colombia, the demand for construction and building equipment and machinery has risen within the past few years.  To meet the demand for machinery, Colombian builders turn to the United States for affordable new and used construction equipment and machinery.  Each year the US ships over $700 million […]

Why Choose K International Transport for Construction Equipment Shipping?

K International Transport has over 20 years of experience in international heavy construction equipment shipping. If you are looking for a reliable freight forwarder, K International Transport is your answer. Reliable Service for Shipping Heavy Equipment Overseas We can offer a variety of international construction equipment shipping services, tailored to your specific needs. For example, […]

Let us help you ship a Porsche Cayenne to Dammam, Saudi Arabia from the United States

K International Transport is a licensed Freight Forwarder and NVOCC that has experience in shipping valuable cars safely overseas for our customers. Whether it is a luxury vehicle, a sports car, or simply a vehicle of great personal value, we can give you an international shipping quote for shipping a Porsche Cayenne to Dammam, Saudi Arabia, or other ports […]

Ship Construction and Agricultural Equipment to Customers All Over the World!

If you are a United States based supplier of construction equipment or personal vehicles and would like to ship your construction equipment overseas to international customers, K International Transport can help you ship your cargo internationally. All sorts of construction and agricultural equipment are in high demand at the moment for export, and K International […]