What is the best way to ship a Nissan Maxima to Bremerhaven, Germany?

The first step you’ll have to take in order to export your vehicle, is to select an international transport company for cars that can give you an international car shipping quote for transporting an Nissan Maxima to Bremerhaven, Germany, simply tell us what vehicle you want to export from the United States and where it is […]

How do I ship refrigerated cargo in a container? What is the Size of a Reefer Container?

 If you are shipping cargo that needs to be refrigerated (e.g. you are shipping food or beverages overseas), or is otherwise sensitive to heat your best bet for international container shipping are Reefer (Refrigerated) Containers. A 40′ Reefer container. Containerized transport is the world standard for low cost international ocean freight. Large vessels can be loaded with stacks of […]