International Automobile Shipping Rates

In these turbulent economic times, it is important to find an international shipping company that will endeavour to ship your vehicle as economically as possible, without sacrificing necessary security. Other overseas shipping companies will promise the world and deliver a wreck, while at K International Transport we make sure that when we give you a […]

Relocating to London – Take your Porsche

So you are a “one percenter” on Wall Street who just bought a brand new Porsche with your bonus when your boss tells you that you have been relocated to London.  Well, you can take that new Porsche with you.  We at K International Transport can arrange to ship your Porsche or other luxury car […]

Ship your furniture to Russia

If you are relocating to Russia, or returning to Russia after a stay in the United States, or if you just want to help out some friends and relatives, many people in the US need to ship furniture to Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Georgia, Belarus, or Moldova.   K International Transport can help.  We have almost […]

Wie verschifft man ein Auto aus den USA? – Car shipping quotes to Germany

Guten Tag! K International Transport can ship your car overseas to Germany or any destination in Europe or the world for that matter. If you have a trailer we can even ship your trailer. Contact us for car shipping quotes. We ship cars to Bremerhaven, Hamburg and other European ports every day. We can even […]

Second honeymoon? – Ship your boat overseas

She has put up with you for 30 years.  Remember in the beginning when you had nothing?  Then came work and the kids. Finally, the kids are gone, and you are reaping the rewards from your hard work.  Doesn’t she deserve a second honeymoon?  The one you always wanted to give her?  Ship your boat […]

Shipping Cars, Trucks, and Buses to West Africa

We have noticed an uptick in the amount of customers looking to ship cars, trucks, and buses to West Africa over the last two years. While the amount of construction equipment being shipped to countries like Nigeria, Ghana, and Senegal has been increasing, so has shipment of domestic and commercial vehicles. Examples include used Mack […]

Shipping Automobiles and Classic Cars to Norway

Did you know some of the top car enthusiasts in the world reside in Norway?  Although quite chilly during the winter months, the warm and mild climate during the spring and summer months allows Norwegian classic car collectors to show off their collections and enjoy the gorgeous scenery.  From collection viewings to classic car road-trips, […]

Ship to Thailand with K International Transport

In 2010 the United States was Thailand’s third largest trading partner with over $30 billion worth of goods traded between the two friendly countries.  Considering Thailand and the USA have such good ties it is no wonder that international shipping services to Thailand from the United States is widely available and very affordable.  Are you […]